Did juliette get implants?

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I did not get a boob job.” She previously announced on social media that she gained 15 pounds during self-isolation.

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Beside the above, Does Juliette Porter have implants?

Juliette Porter's Supposed Breast Implant

The truth about her surgery is more told by her pictures and evolving appearance over a year. ... The surgery has been going great for her as she looks awesome. Her past and present pictures show us that she may have some surgeries for enhancement of the looks.

Simply so, Did Kelsey get implants?. Kelsey was completely transparent about getting a breast augmentation procedure. She talked about it shortly after Juliette announced that she had done the same thing. The former model Kelsey appears to enjoy having a fuller chest, as she previously considered herself to be flat-chested.

Correspondingly, What is Juliette Porter salary?

According to a Reddit user, the cast makes $20,000 per episode. The user also included that Juliette make $400,000 per year. If this is the case, then it's likely the cast's net worths have grown significantly over time and they're richer than the numbers currently listed.

Did Juliette really hook up with Alex?

The drama never ends with the "Siesta Key" crew, especially between Juliette Porter and Alex Kompo. The two dated on and off for two years, and in Season 3 of the show were seen hooking up, even though Kompo was already dating Alyssa Salerno at the time.

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Why is Alex not on Siesta Key anymore?

Alex Kompothecras was fired from Siesta Key in 2020 for racist posts. Since his firing, Alex has lived a low-profile life with new priorities.

Did Alex Kompo have a baby?

Alex Kompo and His Girlfriend Have Welcomed a Baby Girl — Here Are the Details. Alex Kompo and his girlfriend of eight months, Alyssa Salerno, announced they were expecting their first child in December 2019 — and Siesta Key fans couldn't have been more psyched.

Is Juliette Porter rich?

Juliette Porter's net worth explored

According to Gossip Gist, Juliette's estimated net worth is $400,000. She is believed to be earning an annual salary of over $35,000. However, her income should be much higher than this since she enjoys a lifestyle as a social media influencer following her stint on Siesta Key.

Why is Sam so rich on Siesta Key?

Siesta Key star Juliette Porter is dating Sam Logan, whose wealth comes from his parents. ... His parents are very likely the reason why Sam lives large.

Why is Sam Logan a billionaire?

Sam has been dubbed a "billionaire" on Siesta Key. His mother, Elizabeth, inherited part ownership of Scripps Networks, which owns major channels from Food Network to HGTV. The business was sold to Discovery for $14.6 billion in 2018. Sam has 10 percent ownership of Scripps Networks.

Who is Juliette's new boyfriend?

Siesta Key star Juliette Porter and boyfriend Sam Logan are constantly heating up our timelines with PDA-packed photos. They took their relationship public in February 2020 and have been going strong ever since.

Are Juliette and Sam still together?

Siesta Key's Juliette Porter and Sam Logan have gone their separate ways. The couple has split after nearly two years together, Logan, 30, recently confirmed in the comments section of an old Instagram post.

Is Kelsey from Siesta Key really a model?

Kelsey Owens from MTV's Siesta Key is the high fashion model that moved to Florida. When she met Garrett Miller, the two hit it off quickly and began dating.

What does Juliette Porter do?

Juliette pursued a career in fashion after graduating from Florida State University. She started working at Blend Fashion House, a boutique in Sarasota. She briefly put her new profession in jeopardy when she agreed to go on a vacation to Greece with then-boyfriend Robby Hayes.

Who is Kelsey from Siesta Keys dating?

The supermodel started off season three single and ready to mingle. After a brief reconciliation with Garrett Miller, Kelsey revealed during the reunion that she has a new boyfriend named Max Strong. "Max and I have been dating for a minute now," she told E! News in May 2021.

Who got pushed in the pool on Siesta Key?

Camilla ended up pushing Jordana into the pool, as everyone else watched in shock while a couple of people try to pull them apart. No one deserves such a shove, but it's difficult to generate much sympathy for Jordana who is portrayed as a constant irritant.

Who is the richest on Siesta Key?

Juliette Porter's new boyfriend Sam Logan is pretty wealthy. His net worth is allegedly $2 million, and he's the partial owner of the family business, EW Scripps Co. In 2018, the company was sold to Discovery for an alleged $14.6 billion.

Is Sam Logan a billionaire?

Sam Logan is an American reality TV personality, and Instagram Star. He is also known as the boyfriend of Siesta Key star, Juliette Porter. Sam owns a 10% share in his family business, EW Scripps Co. As of 2021, Sam Logan net worth is estimated to be above $1 million.

Is Chloe not on Siesta Key anymore?

As we prepare for the long-awaited Season 4 of MTV's Siesta Key, many of us were bummed when we learned that Chloe Trautman decided to leave the series. ... Now, however, Chloe Trautman has finally come forward about why she decided to leave Siesta Key.

Are Madisson and Ish still together 2021?

Ish and Madisson of 'Siesta Key' fame survived the questioning and are still together today. It looks as though the couple are still happily together, even after they faced flack. ... Madisson has also continued to share shots of her and her sweetheart on her feed.

How much is Juliette Porter worth 2021?

According to Gossip Gist, Juliette's estimated net worth is $400,000 and she is believed to be earning an annual salary of over $35,000. However, her income could be much higher than this since she enjoys a lifestyle as a social media influencer following her stint on the MTV reality show.

Are Alyssa and Alex still together 2020?

Despite Alex cheating on Alyssa with Juliette, he and Alyssa is still going strong. In fact, in June 2020, the pair welcomed the birth of their daughter. Ahead of MTV airing the June 16 episode of Siesta Key, Alex was fired following past racist behavior.

Did Alex from Siesta Keys have his baby?

Girlfriend of 'Siesta Key' star Alex Kompothecras gives birth to baby girl. “Siesta Key” star Alex Kompothecras is a father. On Sunday, the MTV personality, 25, announced that girlfriend Alyssa Salerno had given birth to the couple's first child, daughter Alessi, who arrived last Thursday.

Did Alex Kompo cheat on Juliette?

He previously cheated on her with co-star Juliette Porter. Kompo and Porter's relationship has been one of the focal points of Siesta Key throughout the past few seasons, and the fact that Kompo was having a baby shocked fans when he first posted about it in December 2019.