Does cloddish mean stupid?

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A dull, stupid person; a dolt.

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Likewise, What does it mean when someone is uncoordinated?

: lacking coordination : not coordinated: such as. a : not able to move different parts of the body together well or easily … I'm every bit as clumsy and uncoordinated on a virtual skateboard as I would be on a real one.— Peter Cohen.

Besides, Does Doltish mean stupid?. adjective. (of a person) stupid; idiotic.

Moreover, What is the word hulking mean?

: very large or heavy. See the full definition for hulking in the English Language Learners Dictionary. hulking. adjective. hulk·​ing | \ ˈhəl-kiŋ \

What is meaning of bungling?

: clumsily awkward or inept a bungling attempt at humor …

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Is bungle a British word?

bungle | Intermediate English

to do something badly, or spoil something: The police bungled the investigation.

What does discernible mean in English?

: able to be perceived by a sense (such as sight or smell) or by the mind : capable of being discerned a discernible difference It is thought that the genes that normally produce a white underbelly in the gray squirrel are active in a wider area of their bodies, often leaving discernible gray patches on the spine and ...

What incredulously means?

1 : unwilling to admit or accept what is offered as true : not credulous : skeptical. 2 : expressing incredulity an incredulous stare.

What does unobtrusively mean?

: not obtrusive : not blatant, arresting, or aggressive : inconspicuous.

What means lofty?

1a : elevated in character and spirit : noble lofty ideals. b : elevated in status : superior the less lofty customers of the bar. 2 : having a haughty overbearing manner : supercilious She showed a lofty disregard for their objections. 3a : rising to a great height : impressively high lofty mountains.

Is Doltish an English word?

Definition of doltish in the English dictionary

The definition of doltish in the dictionary is slow-witted or stupid.

What does Damfool mean?

1. a person who is exceptionally stupid or foolish. adjective. 2. Also: damfoolish (ˈdæmˈfuːlɪʃ)

What is meaning of moronic?

adjective. showing a lack of good sense; stupid or idiotic:You really couldn't invent a more pathetically incompetent, moronic, self-deluded jackass of a character than this.

What are 3 coordination exercises?

5 Coordination Exercises to Include in Your Programming
  • Ball or Balloon Toss. Catch and bump a balloon back and forth using your hands, head, and other body parts. ...
  • Jump Rope. This classic coordination exercise works to synchronize your hand-foot-eye movements. ...
  • Balance Exercises. ...
  • Target Exercises. ...
  • Juggling and Dribbling.

What causes poor coordination?

Persistent ataxia usually results from damage to the part of your brain that controls muscle coordination (cerebellum). Many conditions can cause ataxia, including alcohol misuse, certain medication, stroke, tumor, cerebral palsy, brain degeneration and multiple sclerosis.

What disease affects your motor skills?

Motor Disabilities Types of Motor Disabilities
  • Cerebral palsy.
  • Muscular dystrophy.
  • Multiple sclerosis.
  • Spina bifida.
  • ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease)
  • Arthritis.
  • Parkinson's disease.
  • Essential tremor.

Can a person be elusive?

It means: The quality of being hard to grasp or pin down. An elusive person is difficult to find or catch.

Is unintrusive a real word?


What does Unobstructive mean?

unobstructive in British English

(ˌʌnəbˈstrʌktɪv) adjective. not causing or constituting an obstruction.

Is incredulous a feeling?

Incredulous describes how you feel when you can't believe something because it's so wrong, like when someone tells you leprechauns left two pots of gold.

Is incredulous an emotion?

The default emotion for humans walking amongst other humans in public spaces has become incredulity. ... Sure it's annoying, but it's also really problematic.

How do you use the word incredulous?

Incredulous sentence example
  1. I was incredulous when he first told me the secret. ...
  2. He was at first incredulous , but eventually learned the truth. ...
  3. He was incredulous as a Missouri cynic but interested. ...
  4. St. ...
  5. They are often incredulous at the sums that the poorest children and pensioners have received.

What does discreetly mean in English?

1 : having or showing discernment or good judgment in conduct and especially in speech : prudent especially : capable of preserving prudent silence. 2 : unpretentious, modest the warmth and discreet elegance of a civilized home— Joseph Wechsberg. 3 : unobtrusive, unnoticeable followed at a discreet distance.

What is the difference between discernible and discernable?

Discernible means able to be recognized, identified, or distinguished. ... Discernible is sometimes spelled as discernable. A close synonym is distinguishable. Discernible is especially used with the word difference, as in There is no discernable difference between these two things.

Is Discernibility a word?

The state or quality of being discernible.