Create Beautiful Emails

Easy Formatting Tools

Our built-in WYSIWYG editor gives you total creative control of your content and your design. Style your text, add bullet points and links, and upload images. Use basic formatting tools or if you're an advanced user, switch to the HTML view to insert or edit your own source code.

Step-By-Step Wizards

The easy to follow campaign creation wizard makes sure you don't forget any of the critical steps, includes pop-up previews and the ability to check your work by emailing you test copies of your campaign before you really hit send.

Locked Templates

Maintaining a consistent look and feel across all of your campaigns is easy with the locked templates feature. A single line of code makes sections of your template available for editing and locks others so that no matter who is creating campaigns, you can rely on them to always look as they should.

Effortless Personalization

Make use of data from your contact list to give your campaigns that personal touch. Turn "Dear reader" into Dear Anne, Dear Kevin and Dear Joe by just inserting a single personalized field in your email content and dynamically add or swap content based on your subscriber's personal preferences.

Free Email Templates

Our library of free email templates provide you with creative inspiration and help you get started with creating your first campaign. We're constantly updating the library to keep up with trends, and we've already done the legwork and tested the designs across all of the major email clients so you don't have to.

Campaign Previews*

With a single click, you can generate previews of your campaign in all of the major email clients, on mobile devices like iPhone, Blackberry and iPad, so you can make sure that everything looks great for everyone, before you hit send.

* there is an additional fee for this service (but it's well worth it!)

Forward-to-a-Friend & Social Sharing Tools

It's never been easier to encourage your readers to share your content. Insert our social media toolbar or add a forward-to-a-friend link to your campaign to allow them to pass along your great content.

Free Images & File Hosting

It's always free to upload and host images and files for your campaigns. Use our easy image gallery to keep track of your files and keep them organized.

Advanced Features

Dynamic Content

Dynamically change and personalize your content based on information your subscribers have shared with you, or based on their activity history, including whether they opened your most recent campaign, clicked a link, or more.

A/B Split Tests

No need for guesswork with A/B Split Testing. Automagically let a small portion of your list determine the best subject line / email from address + name or content and send the winner to the rest of your subscribers.

Advanced Design

Code your own emails in HTML using an external tool and then copy and paste into our HTML editor. Or upload templates from .zip files instead of rebuilding them from scratch.

Recurring Mailings

Automatically send your subscribers a newsletter whenever you hit publish on a new blog post, or add new content to your website.

Contact Lists

Opt-In Process

We adhere to list building best practices and only use a confirmed opt-in or verified/single opt-in process for our built-in list management.

Subscription Form HTML Code

Create a unique signup form on your website for every list you manage. Just copy and paste the HTML code we provide and you'll be growing your contact lists in no time flat.

List Segmentation

Send targeted, relevant campaigns to groups of subscribers within a single list. Specify your criteria based on what data your subscribers have shared with you (like gender, geographic location or job title), or previous activity (like opening your last campaign).

Subscriber History

View activity history for individual subscribers and see what a particular subscriber has opened recently, and what links they've clicked. Find out if they've unsubscribed, reported complaints, or just haven't been reading your emails at all.

Unsubscribe and Bounce Management

Add a simple (and automatic) unsubscribe link to your campaign, and we'll automatically manage unsubscribe requests so those contacts are removed from your list. We also keep track of bounces and automatically remove those addresses that no longer exist or are deemed to be invalid, or unreachable after a set period of time.

Bulk Unsubscribe

Remove large groups of email addresses from your list in one fell swoop. This is perfect for those who manage external or hard-copy do-not-email or suppression lists. Just remember to remove those who no longer want to receive your emails or those who belong on a suppression list in a timely fashion!

Manage Subscribers

Create as many contact lists as you like, and manage an unlimited number of subscribers.

Delivery & Authentication

Email Authentication

We help to ensure that your email is authenticated - meaning that it's not a forgery - so it doesn't get blocked by strict filters. Whether it's DKIM, DomainKeys, SenderID or SPF authentication, we manage proper authentication setup and customize your tracking domains so that your reputation is yours alone.

Customer Induction Process

We want to make sure all of our customers get up and running easily and are starting off with a good reputation right off the bat. Our deliverability team performs standard domain and IP reputation checks, confirms that you're following best practices like confirmed opt-in list building and not committing any email content faux pas.

Whitelisting & Best Practices

Implement whitelisting with major ISPs and assist our customers with establishing best practices for developing content, managing (and maintaining) list hygiene and provide in-product tools like Spam Assassin and Litmus which can test your content to ensure it doesn't trigger spam filters.


Manage proper authentication setup - DKIM, Domain Keys, SenderID and SPF - and customize your tracking domains to ensure your domain reputation is yours alone, preventing any unexpected domain reputation issues.

Feedback Loop Programs

Monitor feedback loops in real-time and give you easy access to this data so you can better monitor data for your clients. With data that drills down to individual complaints, or organizes feedback by domain and overall complaint rates, you're able to easily flag individual clients when their complaint rates require some intervention.

Reputation Monitoring

We maintain feedback loop programs and in addition, monitor black lists, ISP blocking, IP reputation, abnormal metrics (like too many bounces) and perform deliverability audits and log data-mining that help to resolve problems. We work closely with ISPs to resolve email filtering, blocking and other deliverability issues and request white listing.

Reporting & Analytics

Google Analytics Integration

With a simple checkbox, we'll add tracking code to your campaign so that you'll be able to see how many website visits, conversions and other activities were generated as a result your email campaign. You'll find all of this data in your Google Analytics account listed as a tracking source.

Basic Campaign Reports

Get a quick overview of how many of your emails have been opened, how many bounced, how many links have been clicked more using our basic campaign reports. Also includes pretty charts and graphs, so you have some great visuals and facts at your fingertips to help you tell compelling stories about your latest campaign.

Detailed Campaign Reports

Drill down into the finer details of a campaign, from opens & clicks to bounces and unsubscribes. Get a sense of what's happening, and when, so you can learn from these trends and improve your future campaigns.

Export Reports & Logs

Get the data that you need in a spreadsheet & chart friendly format by simply clicking on the "Export Report" button. These handy reports include more details (like specific bounce errors and information on user activity)


Online Support Knowledge Base

Our extensive collection of how-to's, tips, and troubleshooting documents are hosted online for you to access any time of the day or night.

Live Support

Access support from real people, Monday - Friday from 9-5 (Eastern) via our support site, live chat or email if you have questions or need some assistance.