Is a card-carrying member?

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Card-Carrying Member Meaning
Definition: Someone who is an official member of an organization or group. This idiom is used to establish a person as a member of a group. People often use this idiom to refer to someone's political party affiliation or involvement in a labor union.

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Just so, What is a card-carrying adult?

The definition of card-carrying is someone who is openly loyal to an organization or group. ... Owning a membership card in a specified organization. adjective. Thorough, genuine, etc. A card-carrying pacifist.

In this manner, Where did the term card-carrying come from?. The term card-carrying became more firmly associated with members of the Communist Party in the 1940s, during the HUAC investigations into the Hollywood Ten, when the committee produced cards allegedly belonging to Hollywood screenwriters Dalton Trumbo (accused of holding card No.

Furthermore, What is card carrying member?

A card-carrying member of a particular group or political party is an official member of that group or party, rather than someone who supports it. I've been a card-carrying member of the party for five years. 2. adjective [ADJ n]

Whats a card carrier?

Card Carrier means the case and packaging in which your Card is presented, displaying important information relating to your Card, including fee information in respect of your specific Card; Sample 1.

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