Is statesmanlike an adjective?

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Moreover, What is the meaning of statesmanlike?

(steɪtsmənlaɪk ) adjective. If you describe someone, especially a political leader, as statesmanlike, you approve of them because they give the impression of being very able and experienced.

Similarly, Is statesman a proper noun?. A man who is a leader in national or international affairs.

Similarly, it is asked, Is Unnecessary an adjective?

Not needed or necessary.

Is Controversial an adjective?

Controversial is the adjective form of the noun controversy, which is a prolonged dispute, debate, or state of contention, especially one that unfolds in public and involves a stark difference of opinion. Things commonly called controversial include topics, actions, and people (particularly for what they say and do).

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What is the adjective of sensation?

sensorial. Of or pertaining to sensation or the senses; sensory.

Is Unnecessary a noun or verb?

notnecessary or essential; needless; unessential. noun, plural un·nec·es·sar·ies. unnecessaries, things that are not necessary or essential.

Is Unnecessary an adverb?

COLLOCATIONSadverbstotally/completely/entirely unnecessaryThe suffering of these animals is totally unnecessary. quite unnecessary British English'I'll give you a lift.

What is a word for not required?

unnecessary; not necessary; not required.

What is the plural of statesman?

Word forms: plural statesmen.

Who are statesman appliances?

The 'Statesman' brand was established in 2006, supplying kitchen appliances, both freestanding and built in, from premises in Gloucester. Appliances are sourced from around the globe and are mainly sold to independent electrical retailers, builders and developers.

What makes a great statesman?

But he must have virtus (virtue), iustitia (a sense of justice) and wisdom. He must also have dignitas (roughly translated as dignity), temperance and must show generosity and be magnanimous. A statesman has certain core values and will not change beliefs simply to advance a political career.

What is the adverb form of necessary?

necessarily. Inevitably; of necessity.

How do you use less adverbs?

How to Avoid Adverbs or Use Them Wisely
  1. Don't be lazy. ...
  2. Stay away from adverbs that state the obvious. ...
  3. If a sentence is too short, don't add a bunch of adverbs (or adjectives) to make it longer.
  4. Train your eye to catch adverbs when you're editing and proofreading.

What are the synonyms for unnecessary?

synonyms for unnecessary
  • avoidable.
  • gratuitous.
  • needless.
  • redundant.
  • superfluous.
  • unneeded.
  • useless.
  • worthless.

What's a noun for unnecessary?

unnecessity. (uncountable) needlessness. something that is unnecessary.

What is the noun form of necessary?

necessity. The quality or state of being necessary, unavoidable, or absolutely requisite. The condition of being needy; desperate need; lack. Something necessary; a requisite; something indispensable.

What is the word synonym?

Full Definition of synonym

1 : one of two or more words or expressions of the same language that have the same or nearly the same meaning in some or all senses. 2a : a word or phrase that by association is held to embody something (such as a concept or quality) a tyrant whose name has become a synonym for oppression.

What are controversial opinions?

If you describe something or someone as controversial, you mean that they are the subject of intense public argument, disagreement, or disapproval. [...]

How do you use controversial in a sentence?

Controversial in a Sentence ?
  1. Many political topics are controversial subjects precisely because they appeal to one party demographic or the other.
  2. President Bush's decision to go to war in the Middle East is often regarded as a controversial decision that some support while others do not.

Is sensation a adverb?

In a sensible manner; in a way that shows good sense. (dated or formal) In a way that can be sensed or noticed; perceptibly.

What is the verb of sensation?

sensate. (transitive) To feel or apprehend by means of the senses; to perceive.

What is sensation example?

The physical process during which our sensory organs—those involved with hearing and taste, for example—respond to external stimuli is called sensation. Sensation happens when you eat noodles or feel the wind on your face or hear a car horn honking in the distance.