What does driftway mean?

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dialectal. : a sometimes private lane or narrow country road : driveway sense 1.

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Likewise, people ask, What does Contemplator mean?

to look at or view with continued attention; observe or study thoughtfully: to contemplate the stars. to consider thoroughly; think fully or deeply about: to contemplate a difficult problem.

In this regard, What does Judgmentalism mean?. 1 : of, relating to, or involving judgment a judgmental error. 2 : characterized by a tendency to judge harshly judgmental prigs. Other Words from judgmental Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About judgmental.

Likewise, people ask, What does Dolve mean?

1 : to dig or labor with or as if with a spade delved into her handbag in search of a pen. 2a : to make a careful or detailed search for information delved into the past. b : to examine a subject in detail the book delves into the latest research won't delve into her reason for leaving.

What does Genility mean?

b : gentlefolk, gentry. 2a(1) : decorum of conduct : courtesy. (2) : attitudes or activity marked by false delicacy, prudery, or affectation. b : superior social status or prestige evidenced by manners, possessions, or mode of life.

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What does indisposed mean?

: being usually temporarily in poor physical health : slightly ill. Other Words from indisposed.

What are the synonyms of gentleness?

  • kindness, kindliness, tenderness, benignity, humaneness, humanity.
  • leniency, mercy, clemency, forgiveness, forbearance.
  • sympathy, considerateness, consideration, understanding, compassion, benevolence, kind-heartedness, tender-heartedness, good nature, love.

Is Dwelve a word?

Dwelve has no English definition. It may be misspelled.

Is being judgmental a bad thing?

Making unhelpful and overly critical comments is not only a manifestation of our own insecurities and self-esteem, but it can make our insecurities and self-esteem even worse. ... Research shows that being judgmental of others can negatively affect your self-esteem more than any outside force.

What do you call someone who is Judgemental?

Synonyms: faultfinding. tending to make moral judgments or judgments based on personal opinions. Antonyms: nonjudgmental.

What do you call someone who is not Judgemental?

tending not to judge other people harshly or unfairly. A good friend is nonjudgmental.

Is Contemplater a word?

verb (used with object), con·tem·plat·ed, con·tem·plat·ing. to look at or view with continued attention; observe or study thoughtfully: to contemplate the stars. to consider thoroughly; think fully or deeply about: to contemplate a difficult problem.

What means squabbling?

: a noisy altercation or quarrel usually over petty matters. squabble. verb. squabbled; squabbling\ ˈskwä-​b(ə-​)liŋ \

What is a lackadaisical attitude?

A person with a lackadaisical attitude shows no enthusiasm and puts forth a half-hearted effort. But it's more of a dreamy, laid back approach rather than sheer laziness.

How do you use the word delve?

Delve in a Sentence ?
  1. Because she was planning a trip, the woman began to delve into a search for plane tickets.
  2. We had many books to delve into during our research for school.
  3. When they learned of her disappearance, the detectives were eager to delve into locating her.

What is a gentle personality?

A gentle person is someone who is calm and rational in a state of anger. A gentle person is aware of the needs of others and is open to new experiences and ideas.

What is the biblical definition of gentleness?

Gentleness in the bible means showing care and respect for others in the way that you act and speak.

What is the spirit of gentleness?

The fruit of the Spirit is essentially the character of Jesus. The quality of gentleness is the opposite of harshness with others. It is power over one's Spirit that exudes a meek and mild person like Jesus.

Does indisposed mean sick?

The adjective indisposed is a slightly formal way to describe someone who's feeling sick. You might call your boss to tell her that you can't make it to work because you're indisposed. When you're a bit under the weather, you're indisposed, particularly if you're ill enough to stay in bed and miss work or school.

Does indisposed mean busy?

(informal) Otherwise occupied; busy, unavailable, etc. The definition of indisposed is unwilling, or slightly ill. ... When a person does not want to go to a party, this is an example of a time when he might seem indisposed to go.