What does quail mean?

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The common quail, or European quail, is a small ground-nesting game bird in the pheasant family Phasianidae. It is mainly migratory, breeding in the western Palearctic and wintering in africa and southern India. With its characteristic call of three repeated chirps, this species of quail is more often heard than seen.

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Subsequently, question is, What is quail slang for?

quail 2. [ kweyl ] SHOW IPA. / kweɪl / PHONETIC RESPELLING. to lose heart or courage in difficulty or danger; shrink with fear.

Keeping this in consideration, What does the verb to Quail mean?. intransitive verb. 1a chiefly dialectal : wither, decline. b : to give way : falter his courage never quailed. 2 : to recoil in dread or terror : cower the strongest quail before financial ruin— Samuel Butler †1902.

Just so, How do you use quail in a sentence?

Quail sentence example
  1. A quail punctuated her statement with its crisp call. ...
  2. Somewhere in the distance a Bob-White quail called. ...
  3. The servants were a little discouraged, but soon they brought in a great tray containing two dozen nicely roasted quail on toast. ...
  4. The quail lays fifteen or twenty eggs and they are white.

What does quales mean?

1 : a property (such as redness) considered apart from things having the property : universal. 2 : a property as it is experienced as distinct from any source it might have in a physical object.

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What do quail eat?

Quail are considered omnivores – this means they will eat plant-based food, such as seeds and leafy, green vegetation, as well as animal-based food, such as insects.

What are the benefits of quail eggs?

  • Treat allergies. Quail eggs contain large amounts of ovomucoid protein – a protein that acts as a natural anti-allergenic. ...
  • Increase energy. Quail eggs are a great source of protein which helps give your body a boost of energy, especially when paired with a carbohydrate. ...
  • Boost Metabolism. ...
  • Improve Vision.

Where are quails found?

Quails live in woodlands, croplands, and open spaces that are covered with bushes such as grasslands and farmlands. They originated from North America but can also be found across Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, and South America. Wild Japanese quail species live in Russia, East Asia, and other parts of Africa.

What does the Bible say about quail?

I quote from Numbers, Chapter 11, verses 31 through 33 (King James Version): ... And there went forth a wind from the Lord and brought quails from the sea and let them fall by the camp...and they gathered the quails...and while the flesh was yet between their teeth, ere it was chewed...the Lord smote the people....

What is the synonym of quail?

Some common synonyms of quail are blench, flinch, recoil, shrink, and wince. While all these words mean "to draw back in fear or distaste," quail suggests shrinking and cowering in fear.

What is the meaning of quail eggs?

An egg produced by a quail that is small and oval shaped with a speckled outer shell ranging in color from dark brown to blue or white. ... The eggs are often hard boiled or poached and added to salads or served as appetizers garnished with caviar and creme fraiche.

What does quail taste like?

Quails have a good ratio of meat to bones, and given tenderness and small size, the bones are usually eaten as well, instead of being removed. Quails have a delicate flesh with a taste that's similar to chicken, but more flavorful.

Do quails fly?

But even though they are small, quail present their own challenges. Because quail can fly, their enclosures need to be extra secure, and they are more vulnerable to predators due to their size. Quail are also susceptible to disease. ... If you have a disease outbreak, it will pass through the flock quickly.”

Is quail a Scrabble word?

Yes, quails is in the scrabble dictionary.

Is quail healthier than chicken?

However, it's the holistic attributes of quail meat which make it far superior to chicken. Check out these nutrition facts: Quail meat has 4 times more vitamin C than chicken meat. ... Quail meat rates significantly higher in minerals and amino acids than chicken meat.

What are the side effects of eating quail eggs?

No major side effect of quail eggs has been reported yet. Normally, quail eggs do not trigger allergic reactions, experts say. But you should exercise caution and should not go overboard with quail egg consumption.

Can I eat quail eggs raw?

You can eat quail eggs raw as well, but beware of the risk for salmonella. All raw or undercooked eggs potentially house salmonella bacteria, although the chances of the egg contents being infected are relatively low. To reduce your risk of infection, only use pasteurized eggs and wash the shells before eating them.

How do you pronounce Gambel's quail?

Only found in the Americas, the Odontophoridae (pronounced oh-don-toh-FOR-ih-dee), or the quail family, encompasses thirty-two species in nine genera.

Are quail migratory?

Old World quail are smallish plain birds, shorter and stockier than their New World counterparts. ... Best known is Coturnix coturnix, the common quail of Europe, Asia, and Africa; it is the only migratory galliform bird.

How do you pronounce Coturnix?

  1. Phonetic spelling of coturnix. co-turnix. Co-turnix. Coturnix-hen. kuh-tur-niks.
  2. Meanings for coturnix. Old World quail.
  3. Synonyms for coturnix. genus Coturnix. bird genus.
  4. Examples of in a sentence.
  5. Translations of coturnix. Russian : перепела Chinese : 鹌

What animal kills quails?

Being small birds, quails have many natural predators. Raccoons, foxes, snakes, coyotes, squirrels, bobcats, dogs, skunks, cats, owls, hawks, rats and weasels hunt quails and their eggs. Quails live up to 5 years in the wild. Quails are victims of hunting for meat, feathers and sport on game farms or in the wild.

What are baby quail called?

A baby quail is called a chick. The quail is a game bird that can be hunted during certain seasons. They are a type of bird that can be around 10-12...

Can you keep a quail as a pet?

If you're wondering if quail make good pets, the truth is, people have kept birds as pets for thousands of years, and quail are no exception. ... And if raised from a chick, a pet quail can provide companionship to their human caretakers!