What is the modern name for corcyra?

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Corcyra (modern Corfu and also known as Kerkyra) located in the Ionian sea is one of the northern most Greek islands and was an important polis or city-state in the Archaic and Classical periods.

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In respect to this, What city-state was a colony of Corcyra?

Korkyra (also Corcyra; Greek: Κόρκυρα, Kórkyra) was an ancient Greek city on the island of Corfu in the Ionian sea, adjacent to Epirus. It was a colony of Corinth, founded in the Archaic period.

Keeping this in consideration, What happened at Corcyra?. In the fifth year of the Peloponnesian war (427 BCE), Athens' ally Corcyra fell victim to internal strife, a vicious struggle between the commons, allies of Athens, and the oligarchs, who were eager to enlist the support of the Spartans.

Keeping this in mind, Which island was known as Corcyra?

Corfu, Modern Greek Kérkyra, ancient (Latin) Corcyra, island in the Ionian Sea (Modern Greek: Ióvio Pélagos), with adjacent small islands making up the dímos (municipality) and pereferiakí enótita (regional unit) of Kérkyra (also called Corfu), Ionian Islands (Iónia Nisiá) periféreia (region), western Greece.

What is the quarrel between Epidamnus and Corcyra?

The Dispute over Epidamnus

Epidamnus had originally been settled by colonists of Corcyra, an important neutral city-state with a large navy of 120 triremes. ... This action infuriated Corcyra, which felt that Corinth was interfering with its colony. Tension had existed between Corcyra and Corinth for some time.

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Who was corcyra founded by?

In the 8th century BCE, by driving out the Eretrians a colony was established by Corinth on a rocky peninsula on the east side of the island; the traditional date for this historic founding was 734 BCE. The city gained the name of Corcyra and thanks to its three harbours prospered as a trading centre.

Who besieged potidaea?

Potidaea was inevitably involved in all of the conflicts between Athens and Corinth. The people revolted against the Athenians in 432 BC, but it was besieged during the Peloponnesian War and taken in the Battle of Potidaea in 430 BC. The Athenians preserved the city until 404 BC, when it was passed into Chalcidice.

What is the nicest part of Corfu?

Where to Stay in Corfu: 18 Best Areas
  • Liapades, a popular resort for nature and beach lovers.
  • Glyfada, for an away from it all beach holiday.
  • Agios Gordios, busy family beach days and relaxing evenings.
  • Benitses, a popular resort where to stay in Corfu for all ages.
  • Kavos, a resort where you can party 24/7.

Which Greek island has the best beaches?

12 Best Greek Islands for Beaches
  1. Crete: Sublime Sandy Beaches. ...
  2. The Trendy Beach Scene in Mykonos Island. ...
  3. Serene Sheltered Beaches of Corfu Island. ...
  4. Kefaloniá Island: Dramatic Scenery and Secluded Beaches. ...
  5. Kárpathos Island: Beaches with Dazzling Emerald Waters. ...
  6. Lefkada Island: "The Caribbean of Greece"

Is Corfu expensive?

Like many beach destinations in Europe, Corfu can be expensive due to higher tourist demand and limited space on the island. But Greece is still a fairly affordable country compared to other places in Europe, so deals can be found.

Who were the melians?

Melos is an island in the Aegean Sea roughly 110 km east of mainland Greece. Though the Melians had ancestral ties to Sparta, they were neutral in the war. Athens invaded Melos in the summer of 416 BC and demanded that the Melians surrender and pay tribute to Athens or face annihilation.

Which event was the first step in corcyra's descent into civil war?

In 431 B.C. Sparta attacked. The first phase of the war, often called the Archidamian War after one of the Spartan kings, saw Attica ravaged by Spartan forces, the outbreak of the plague in Athens and the death of the great Athenian statesman Pericles, but nonetheless ended in a stalemate.

Which city-states were in the Delian League?

The Delian League (or Athenian League) was an alliance of Greek city-states led by Athens.
Prominent members included:
  • Aegina.
  • Byzantium.
  • Chios.
  • Lesbos.
  • Lindos.
  • Naxos.
  • Paros.
  • Samos.

What circumstances lead to the outbreak of the Peloponnesian Wars in 431 BC?

The reasons for this war are sometimes traced back as far as the democratic reforms of Cleisthenes, which Sparta always opposed. However, the more immediate reason for the war was Athenian control of the Delian League, the vast naval alliance that allowed it to dominate the Mediterranean Sea.

Why did Greek city-states fight each other?

These city-states - Athens , Sparta , Corinth , Thebes - were always fighting each other over their borders. Often they would get together in leagues, a lot of city-states together, to fight as allies. Sometimes other people invaded Greece , and then there would be wars to defend the city-states from the invaders.

What is the prettiest Greek island?


I'm pretty sure Santorini is the most famous and possibly the most beautiful islands in Greece. With its clifftop villages and amazing views, it's one of the unique Greek Islands that has been massively shaped by a volcanic eruption a few thousand years ago.

Which is the prettiest and quietest Greek island?

Which Are the Quietest Greek Islands for Escaping the Crowds?
  • IKARIA. Number one on this list is the island of Ikaria in the Aegean Sea – the island that time forgot. ...
  • LESVOS. ...
  • KALYMNOS. ...
  • LEMNOS. ...
  • SKYROS. ...
  • KARPATHOS. ...
  • ANAFI.

What is the prettiest island in Greece?

Santorini, Crete, and Corfu are widely considered the most beautiful and picturesque Greek islands. But all the islands have their own charms and beauty and every island has its passionate devotees who claim their island is the most beautiful in Greece.

Which is the best town to stay in Corfu?

Best area to stay in Corfu for families
  • Palaiokastritsa (relaxing for middle-aged couples)
  • Sidari (beach & fun for young couples)
  • Corfu Town (history and best in shoulder seasons)
  • Kavos (best nightlife in the island)
  • Palaiokastritsa (plenty of beaches around)
  • Agios Gordios (wide long sandy beach)

What is the prettiest village in Corfu?

The most beautiful villages of Corfu
  • Kassiopi. This is a small fishing village located in north part of island, 38 km of Corfu town. ...
  • Pelekas. This famous old village is located 13 km of Corfu town in the most picturesque hills of Corfu , located at a height of 270 meters. ...
  • Benitses Village. ...
  • Strinilas. ...
  • Liapades.

Which is nicer Crete or Corfu?

It's honestly so hard to compare Crete and Corfu as both islands have so much to offer. Crete has a gorgeous coastline filled with some of the best beaches. Corfu on the other hand is lush and green with a rockier coast. Personally, I preferred Corfu to Crete.

How long did the 30 years peace last?

The Thirty Years' Peace, however, lasted only fifteen years and ended after the Spartans had declared war on the Athenians. During the peace, the Athenians took steps in undermining the truce by participating in the dispute over Epidamnus and Corcyra in 435 BC, which angered the Corinthians, who were allies of Sparta.