Whats a good harmonica to start with?

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The Best Harmonicas for Beginners, According to Harmonicists
  • Hohner Special 20 Harmonica Bundle, Major C. $48. ...
  • Lee Oskar Harmonica, Key of C, Major Diatonic. $44. ...
  • Hohner Marine Band Harmonica, Key of C. ...
  • Hohner Golden Melody Harmonica, Key of C. ...
  • SEYDEL Blues Classic 1847 Harmonica C. ...
  • Hohner Super Chromonica Deluxe, Key of C.

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Keeping this in mind, What kind of harmonica should a beginner get?

A diatonic harmonica's simplicity makes it a great choice for the beginner. Most harmonica teachers recommend starting out with a 10-hole diatonic harmonica tuned to the key of C. The Hohner 1896 Marine Band 10-hole diatonic harmonica in the key of C makes a great beginner's instrument.

Moreover, How do I choose a harmonica?. If the tune is in a major key, choose a key of harmonica that gives you first or second position, though sometimes you might also consider twelfth position. If the tune is in a minor key, choose a key of harmonica that's in third or fourth position (or maybe fifth position) relative to the key of the tune.

People also ask, What is a good set of harmonicas?

  • 1 Suzuki Harmonica Ha-20-C. Read more: ...
  • 2 Hohner Case Of Special 20s Harmonica 5-Pack. ...
  • 3 Suzuki Humming Tremolo-21-C Harmonica. ...
  • 4 Lee Oskar Harmonica. ...
  • 5 Swan Harmonica Sw1040. ...
  • 6 Boseno 10 Holes Double Tremolo Harmonica. ...
  • 7 Jinwode Armonica Professional. ...
  • 8 Anwenk Harmonica Key Of C.

How do I know what key harmonica to use?

If you know the key of the harmonica, think “Harmonica High-5,” and count up 5 notes to find the key of Blues you can play. If you know the key of the song, think “Which Harmonica 4 this Blues?” and count up 4 notes to find the key of the harmonica to choose.

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What is the easiest song to play on the harmonica?

10 Easy Harmonica Songs (with links to the Tabs)
  1. Alouette. ...
  2. Ode to Joy. ...
  3. Mary Had a Little Lamb. ...
  4. When the Saints Go Marching in. ...
  5. Jingle Bells. ...
  6. Row Row Row Your Boat. ...
  7. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. ...
  8. Stand By Me.

Can you change the key of a harmonica?

Harmonicas can go out of tune with playing, and even new harps straight from the factory aren't always in good tune. But you don't have to accept what you get — you can correct out-of-tune notes.

What is the best all around harmonica?

Top 10 Best Harmonicas
  • Mugig Diatonic Harmonica.
  • Fender Blues Deluxe Harmonica.
  • Swan 10 Hole 20 Tones Harmonica.
  • Hohner Special 20 Harmonica.
  • I-MART 10 Hole Diatonic Harmonica.
  • Hohner Marine Band Harmonica.
  • Diatonic Harmonica 10 Hole.
  • Amosic Diatonic Blues Harmonica.

How long do harmonicas last?

With steady playing, a harmonica should go at least 6 months before a reed goes bad. Modern harmonicas seem to last much longer than the older ones. The next step is a harmonica repair kit.

Is the harmonica hard to play?

Compared to other wind instruments, the harmonica is a relatively easy instrument to learn. ... Players that bend notes are required to change the pitch by locating their tongue and tuning the mouth to the desired pitch, which is difficult to achieve even for harmonica players that have been studying for years.

Can you learn harmonica by yourself?

Using software like Skype and Apple's Facetime, you can find an online tutor that is willing to help you learn the harmonica. The Internet has also brought us another very useful digital format that has made learning how to play a musical instrument like the harmonica much easier.

How long does it take to learn harmonica?

With regular deliberate practice, you can expect to be playing simple pop tunes within around 3 months. Within 6 to 12 months, your technique will improve and you will probably be able to work on bending notes (a very important skill for getting the best out of a harmonica).

How much does a good harmonica cost?

A good beginner, yet still pro quality, 10-hole diatonic harmonica is somewhere between $35-$90. A good quality, chromatic harmonica will cost somewhere between $120-$250. If you buy a harmonica within these prices ranges, you can spend more, but you won't necessarily get a harmonica that plays or sounds better.

Can you play chords on a harmonica?

Since the number of actual chords that can be played on a diatonic harmonica is very limited, harmonica players usually play chords as arpeggios. ... Harmonica players play arpeggios as substitutes for chords that are impossible to play on the diatonic harmonica they're using.

What harmonica does Bob Dylan use?

Bob Dylan has played Hohner harmonicas almost exclusively from the 1950s to the present day.

How do you break in a new harmonica?

Should I break my harmonica in gently? HOHNER recommends that you play your new harmonica softly the first few times you use it in order to accustom the reeds to your playing style and also to get to know how the instrument responds.

How do you maintain a harmonica?

How to Care for Your Harmonica
  1. Warm your harp before you play. You can warm harps in your hands, in a pocket close to your body, under your arm, or even in a warming pad. ...
  2. Keep your harp clean. ...
  3. Remove excess moisture during and after playing. ...
  4. Store your harp properly.

How do you disinfect a harmonica?

  1. Rinse the harmonica with lukewarm water, then tap it against your hand, with the mouthpiece facing down, to remove any residual water. Leave it out to dry thoroughly afterwards.
  2. NOTE: this step only applies to harmonicas with plastic, alloy or heavily sealed combs.

What is bending on a harmonica?

1) bending is a way of changing the INTERNAL configuration of your mouth, using your tongue, palate, and throat, so that you apply pressure to the airstream in a way that lowers the pitch of a note. On a diatonic harmonica, draw bends are possible on holes 1 through 6, and blow bends are possible on holes 7 through 10.

What harmonica do professionals use?

7 Best Professional Harmonica Reviews
  • 1) Hohner Special 20 Harmonica, Major C. ...
  • 2) Hohner Marine Band Harmonica, Key Of C. ...
  • 3) Lee Oskar Harmonica, Key Of C, Major Diatonic. ...
  • 4) Hammond: Mouth Organ HA-20 Made By Suzuki, Japan. ...
  • 5) Suzuki Promaster Harmonica, Key Of C. ...
  • 6) Seydel Blues Session Steel Key Of C Harmonica C.

Are Hohner harmonicas still made in Germany?

All models are made in Germany. Today there are a number of variations: Classic: the original Marine Band with a pearwood lacquered comb and brass reedplates.

How do I know if my harmonica is in tune?

Test your harmonica tuning either with an electronic tuner or by playing the note together with another note on the harp. If you can, play the note you're tuning together with the same note an octave higher or lower (you do this by playing tongue-blocked intervals, or splits).

Why does my harmonica sound weird?

Buzzing may be caused by debris, but it also may mean that the reed is out of alignment and is hitting the sides of its slot. You get a high-pitched squeal when you bend — or sometimes when you just play the note. This is caused by torsional vibration — when a reed rocks from side to side.

What does the button do on a harmonica?

The chromatic harmonica is a type of harmonica that uses a button-activated sliding bar to redirect air from the hole in the mouthpiece to the selected reed-plate desired.