When to use presided in a sentence?

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Presided sentence example. Archdeacons in course of time created officials who presided in court in their stead. The people elected her, knowing she presided with grace in the past. At Paris is the central consistory, controlled by the government and presided over by the supreme grand rabbi.

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In this regard, Which is correct presided by or presided over by?

1 : to be in charge of something (such as a meeting or organization) The vice president presided over the meeting. The Chief Justice presides over the Supreme Court. He has presided over the company for 15 years.

In this manner, What do you mean by presided?. intransitive verb. 1 : to exercise guidance, direction, or control. 2a : to occupy the place of authority : act as president, chairman, or moderator. b : to occupy a position similar to that of a president or chairman. 3 : to occupy a position of featured instrumental performer —usually used with at presided at the ...

Also, How do you use presiding?

Presiding sentence example
  1. On the fourth day of the sixth month a feast is held in honour of Sahrevar, the deity presiding over mountains and mines. ...
  2. The presiding judge announced on 8 May that the court will give its verdict on 5 June.

Who presided over the meeting?

The chairman is defined as the president, the person in charge or the person who presides over a meeting, company or department.

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Is a person who has been designated to preside over the meeting?

The person who presides over the meeting is known as Chairman.

What does presiding mean in court?

Primary tabs. The presiding judge is the judge in charge of a particular court or judicial district. If there is a panel of judges, the term refers to the senior active judge. The presiding judge manages the courts, assigns cases to other judges and specialized courts, oversees the court calendar, and can decide cases.

Is presider a word?

Someone who presides; a leader, an overseer, a president.

What is the sentence of edible?

Edible sentence example. The contents of the nut are edible as in the coco-nut. Muldrow had said the land was overgrown with edible plants. Do you know how many edible plants grow naturally in our own front yards?

What cronies mean?

Definition of crony

: a close friend especially of long standing : pal played golf with his cronies.

What is mean by governing?

verb (used with object) to rule over by right of authority: to govern a nation. to exercise a directing or restraining influence over; guide: the motives governing a decision. to hold in check; control: to govern one's temper. to serve as or constitute a law for: the principles governing a case.

What does being cowed mean?

verb. cowed; cowing; cows. Definition of cow (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. : to destroy the resolve or courage of also : to bring to a state or an action by intimidation —used with into …

What does takes precedence mean?

: to be more important (than something else) When it comes to making health care decisions, the patient's preference should take precedence. —often + over The safety of the children has/takes precedence over everything else.

What is the meaning of promulgation?

1 : to make known or public. 2 : to put (as a regulation) into effect. Other Words from promulgate. promulgation \ ˌprä-​məl-​ˈgā-​shən, ˌprō-​ˌməl-​ \ noun.

How do you spell Precider?

verb (used without object), pre·sid·ed, pre·sid·ing. to occupy the place of authority or control, as in an assembly or meeting; act as president or chairperson. to exercise management or control (usually followed by over): The lawyer presided over the estate.

What does predecessor mean?

1 : one that precedes especially : a person who has previously occupied a position or office to which another has succeeded. 2 archaic : ancestor.

Who is the presider at Mass?

The presider is literally the one who presides, or sometimes called the main celebrant.

Are all judges honorable?

The following information should help you in addressing correctly your letters and envelopes to judges and justices in various courts. Outside of the Supreme Court, always use “The Honorable (full name)” in your correspondence. STATE COURTS [Note: States may vary on titles of judges.

What is meant by sitting judge?

sitting judge in British English

(ˈsɪtɪŋ dʒʌdʒ) noun. law. a presiding judge; a judge in office.

What is the highest judge?

Generally, a chief justice is the presiding judge of a supreme court in any country with a justice system based on English common law. In the United States, the chief justice is the chief judge of the Supreme Court (“the Court”) and is the highest-ranking officer in the U.S. judiciary.

What do you call the one who presides over an assembly meeting or discussion?

1 : one who presides over an assembly, meeting, or discussion: such as. a : the chairman of a discussion group. b : the nonpartisan presiding officer of a town meeting.

Who presides over the meetings of the Rajya Sabha?

As the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha, the Vice-President presides over the meetings of the House. As the Presiding Officer, the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha is the unchallenged guardian of the prestige and dignity of the House.

Who presides over the joint sitting of both the houses of the Parliament?

The joint sitting of the Parliament is called by the President and is presided over by the Speaker or, in his absence, by the Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha or in his absence, the Deputy-Chairman of the Rajya Sabha.