Whos the new owners of the rovers?

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Coronation Street has officially confirmed that Johnny and Jenny Connor will be the new owners of the Rovers Return. The spoiler picture above offers a first look at the new dream team behind the bar of the iconic pub, as the Connors take over with support from newly-reinstated barmaid Liz McDonald.

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Just so, Does Jenny buy the Rovers Return?

The Rover Return went back on the market in May, after owners Johnny Connor and wife Jenny split up. They parted ways after Jenny's romance with Ronnie, and Johnny's time in prison for burglary and GBH meant their marriage couldn't survive. After the split, Johnny decided to sell the pub.

Additionally, Who buys the rovers from Johnny?. Johnny is selling the pub

Coronation Street fans are predicting Ronnie Bailey will buy the Rovers from Johnny Connor. Recently Johnny discovered his wife Jenny had slept with Ronnie whilst he was in prison.

Besides, Who takes over the Rovers in Corrie?

Coronation Street Soap Scoop!

Monday night's episode (May 31) saw Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) confess to Johnny (Richard Hawley) about her fling with Ronnie, with the show announcing last month that Johnny will put The Rovers up for sale after deciding his marriage is over.

Who lives in the Rovers Return with Jenny?

Jenny was Rita Fairclough's foster daughter, the daughter of Alan Bradley. She came to live with Rita in 1986, just after her mother Pat died in a road accident. Alan had left Pat and Jenny eight years earlier but he was traced and re-entered her life.

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Why is Johnny selling the Rovers?

The initial awkwardness of course came from Jenny's (Sally Ann Matthews) increasing feelings towards Ronnie (Vinta Morgan). ... With their marriage definitely over, Jenny was left shocked when Johnny announced he had put the pub up for sale so he could use the money to find somewhere new to live.

Why is Sharon back in Corrie?

After 22 years Sharon made her epic return to our screens in April and told her foster mum she was back because she had been given the all clear from cancer and given her husband Ian the boot.

What happens to Jenny and Johnny in Coronation Street?

Jenny Connor (played by Sally Ann Matthews) was horrified when Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley) refused to forgive her infidelity with Ronnie Bailey (Vinta Morgan). The Coronation Street landlord announced their marriage was over and will later reveal he's put the Rovers up for sale.

What happened to Jack and Vera?

On 23 August 2010, it was confirmed that the actress would make a one-off appearance as the ghost of Vera Duckworth. The episode was broadcast on 8 November 2010. Husband Jack died from incurable cancer and the scene was a reunion for the two characters.

Does Johnny sell the Rovers?

Coronation Street appears to confirm the new owner of the Rovers Return pub in spoilers for next week's episodes. ... Johnny decided to sell the pub, leaving many residents stunned - and pub workers including Sean and Emma very concerned for their future.

How many times has the Rovers Return burn down?

Coronation Street's cornerstone pub, the Rovers Return, has had its fair share of misfortunes during six decades of the country's longest-running soap. Vehicles have crashed into it, two fires have gutted it, two major characters have died in it and, just for good measure, a baby was born in it!

Why did Jack and Vera lose the Rovers?

Vera Duckworth (Liz Dawn) 1995-1998

One of Corrie's best-loved couples, Jack and Vera Duckworth, took over the Rovers when Jack (Bill Tarmey) came into a large inheritance following the death of his brother and his wife in a car accident. ... When Natalie Barnes took over in 1998, she evicted the Duckworths.

How did Jack and Vera get their house back?

Chalkie bought the house for £10,000, plus the carpets for £100. Bought No. 9 for £10,000, putting down a £1,000 deposit. The Duckworths sold up to the Malletts for £23,000 and bought the Rovers Return using Jack's inheritance money from his brother Cliff's death.

Does Johnny leave Jenny?

But after being tasered in the street by Sharon and realising Rita was in danger, Jenny realised she had to come clean to Johnny to expose the villain. Johnny admitted he could never forgive her and ended their marriage, leaving Jenny heartbroken.

Is Jenny in Coronation Street married in real life?

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Away from all the drama of the cobbles, in real-life actress Jennie McAlpine has been happily married to restaurateur Chris Farr for four years after being introduced by co-star Antony Cotton. Coronation Street favourite Jennie and her man married in secret in January 2017.

Who did Jenny sleep with in Coronation Street?

SHARON Bentley threatens Jenny Connor over Ronnie Bailey's affair next week in Coronation Street. Jenny succumbed to temptation and slept with Ronnie - who has been staying under Jenny's roof as her B&B guest - this week in the ITV soap, cheating on her husband Johnny.

What does Sharon want on Corrie?

As fans wondered why she seemed suddenly so interested in the Platt family and Leanne Battersby, the drama cut to her meeting a sinister figure in prison. It was drugs lord Harvey and it turns out that Sharon is his aunt. "How's my favourite nephew?" she asked.

Does Sharon in Coronation Street get caught?

Coronation Street's Sharon Bentley was arrested in tonight's ITV episodes (June 21) after she made a dramatic return to the cobbles over the weekend. Rita Tanner returned home to find Sharon (Tracie Bennett) hiding out in her house with a bloody face after being attacked by Harvey's thugs.

How long is Sharon in Corrie for?

Sharon Bentley (formally Gaskell) was a character in Coronation Street from Ep 2182 - 1 Mar 1982 to Ep 2375 - 4 Jan 1984, and again in 1999, returning in Ep 4543 - 15 Jan 1999 and last appearing in Ep 4722 - 24 Nov 1999.

What happened to Rover in Coronation Street?

Boo-Boo (nicknamed Rover) was discovered by Steve McDonald in the back of his Street Cars cab. He took in the dog at his home at the Rovers Return Inn and bonded with her. ... Rover was eventually returned to her real owner Paula Longmore in August 2015, much to the sadness of Steve.

Who is the new girl at the Rovers?

New Rovers barmaid Sian Reeves admitted she was “very emotional” when she walked into the famous soap bar for the first time. The 53-year-old, from West Bromwich, who played Emmerdale baddie Sally Spode in 2009, joins the cast as Charlie Wood, the secret wife of Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine).

When did Jenny take over the Rovers?

To many Bet (Julie Goodyear) is Corrie's most iconic Rovers landlady, after being appointed manager in 1983. She gave up her position in 1995 when she couldn't afford to buy the pub from brewers Newton & Ridley.

Who bought the Rovers Return after Jack and Vera?

He ran the pub until December 2001 when he decided to buy the lease on the bar at Weatherfield Rugby Club and auction the Rovers. Fred Elliott put in the highest bid with £76,000 and took over the pub, with his wife Eve taking over the licence.