Why is discord stuck on checking for updates?

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There are a number of reasons why Discord could be stuck on checking for updates, such as: ... You might be facing bad or choppy internet connection, or a network glitch, due to which Discord is not able to download the update files.

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Similarly, it is asked, Why is my Discord stuck on updating?

There are three reasons that can cause Discord stuck on Updating, and it Keeps on Updating Forever. The most reported reason is that Discord lacks administrator-level privileges to take some actions and install the latest Discord updates properly.

Also, How do I fix Discord not updating?.
Use the following methods to fix the discord update failed Error:
  1. Method 1. Run Discord as administrator. ...
  2. Method 2. Rename the Update.exe file. ...
  3. Method 3. Disable Windows Defender. ...
  4. Method 4. Temporarily disable your antivirus. ...
  5. Method 5. Reinstall Discord and clear app data. ...
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Furthermore, How do I force Discord to check for updates?

Press Ctrl+R on your keyboard. Discord's user interface should refresh and reload. If there are updates available, the application should detect and download them.

Does Discord update automatically?

Honestly, Discord is such a great app. And this greatness is becoming diminished by the fact that Discord just DOES. It updates whenever it wants, very frequently.

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How do I fix Discord stuck on checking for updates?

How to fix Discord stuck on "Checking for updates"
  1. Check Discord servers. ...
  2. Run Discord as administrator. ...
  3. Reboot your computer and router. ...
  4. Disable Windows Defender and antivirus. ...
  5. Clear Discord cache folder. ...
  6. Uninstall and re-install Discord.

Why does Discord keep failing to install?

If Discord installation has failed for you, usually is because the app is still running in the background. It might be necessary to completely remove the tool from your computer before reinstalling it. Deleting all the old files associated with the app can solve the Discord installation failed error.

Why my Discord is not working?

Discord Won't Load on Windows, General Fixes

To do this, visit discord.com and login to the web version. Once logged in using the right credentials launch the app on your PC, discord should work properly now. Ensure the system is up to date. As a last resort, uninstall and reinstall the app again.

Why is my Discord stuck on connecting?

If your Discord keep connecting forever, sometimes it can be fixed with a simple restart. It really does the trick for most users. Time needed: 5 minutes. Restart your modem, router and computer to test the issue.

Why can't I uninstall Discord?

Not being able to uninstall can be a problem, and many reported that they can't uninstall Discord. To fix this issue, make sure that you adjust your startup settings accordingly. You can try to remove the software and all files and registry entries associated with it.

Why does Discord download take so long?

Specific Discord downloads are chunkier than others. If your internet connection is throttled due to peak traffic, or the Discord servers are saturated or acting slow for a variety of reasons, the update may take longer to download than what you're accustomed to.

Why is Discord black?

This won't happen often, but there may be a time when something goes wrong and Discord displays a black screen when you're streaming from the application. Common causes of this issue are graphics driver update issues, problems with improper Discord settings, or issues with recent updates.

Why is Discord being slow?

One of the most common causes of the Discord lagging issue is the software conflict. If you're running multiple programs on your PC, chances are that one of your programs conflicts with Discord and causes the issue for you. It's recommended that you turn off unnecessary processes while running Discord.

How do you troubleshoot Discord?

Next Steps for Browser Users
  1. Check your input mode - Make sure you're not accidentally on Push to Talk mode.
  2. Check your volume settings for your input and output mode.
  3. Make sure to check and switch your input device in the Voice Settings section to the specific device you're using.

How do I fix Discord failed to load?

Fix 'Discord message failed to load'
  1. Step 1: Check the internet connection.
  2. Step 2: Check the outage from the end of the server.
  3. Step 3: Check if VPN is enabled.
  4. Step 4: Restart the device.
  5. Step 5: Check for permissions.
  6. Step 6: Device issues.
  7. Step 6: Enable or disable ping messages.

Can't delete Discord because file is open?

Then %localappdata% in the run window and hit enter: Then find the "Discord" folder in both of those windows, and delete it. If your OS tells you that the file cannot be deleted because it's still in use, open up the Task Manager and terminate all instances of Discord there and in the startup tab. Restart your system.

How do I install Discord on Windows 10?

How to download Discord on your PC
  1. Open your web browser and go to www.discordapp.com. Then click on "Download" in the top-left corner of your screen. ...
  2. Click on the button that corresponds to your PC's operating system, such as Windows. ...
  3. The file "DiscordSetup.exe" will appear in your downloads bar.

How do I clear the cache on my computer Discord?

In Windows, you can do this by clicking the Start button, typing %appdata%, then clicking the result that appears. Go to the Discord folder, then find the Cache folder. Delete all the files you see inside.

How do I update Discord on Android?

Simply open the Google Play Store app on your Android device and then search for Discord. Open the Discord app listing, and then tap update.

Is Discord safe for 11 year olds?

Discord requires that users be at least 13 years old, although they do not verify users' age upon sign-up. ... Because it's all user-generated, there's plenty of inappropriate content, like swearing and graphic language and images (though it's entirely possible to belong to a group that forbids these).

What countries is Discord banned in?

Here are a few locations where Discord is banned:
  • China.
  • The UAE.
  • Egypt.
  • Iran.
  • Oman.
  • North Korea.

Who is the CEO of Discord?

Discord CEO and co-founder Jason Citron can't talk about it — he's under non-disclosure agreements — but he did tell CNBC on Tuesday that there was more than a single offer for his internet chat start-up, which is turning into a much bigger communications phenomenon for voice, video and text.

Why is Discord a GREY screen?

For people who are seeing just the grey screen, it might be because of discord trying to log you in and it's stuck in the login process. So, the discord app doesn't show anything on the screen because, well, it can't log in.

Why is Discord streaming a black screen?

If you're using Discord, there's a high chance that you've experienced a black screen while trying to stream your games or other content. Usually, the reason is your graphics drivers. ... Update your Discord app. Turn on/off your hardware acceleration settings.